About The Pure Plug

The Plure Plug Wall

Here at The Pure Plug, we have an amalgamation of high-quality brands such as AlienLabs, Cookies, Runtz, The Smokers Club, Revelry, Sativa Hemp Bags & many more.

We managed to achieve this by combining 2 industry leaders, The Plug and Pure Sativa. Both have been in the industry for over 25 years, and have long-lasting relationships with the top brands that have allowed us the honour of becoming the Official Distributor.

The Pure Plug specifically specializes in Clothing & Merchandise, such as Hoodies from brands like The Smokers Club & AlienLabs, as well as T-Shirts, Water Bottles, Hats, Caps, Socks and much more. The Pure Plug leans on Pure Sativa's history as an industry leader in the weed seed business, offering some of the world's finest weed seeds in a range of world-class breeders. 


The Pure plug also offer a full range of eco-friendly Hemp Bags & Accessories including but not limited to Backpacks, Laptop Bags, Crossbody Bags, Shoulder Bags, Wallets and more from our own brand Sativa Bags. Every bag epitomises the elegance of form and the attention to detail that aims at practicality and versatility of use for any occasion. We are passionate about our products and we would like to share that passion with you.

We also offer a full range of Odour Proof Bags from Revelry Supplies, with over seven layers and a rubber seal for the zip, Revelry is well known for being the industry leader when it comes to smell and odour proof bags. One of the layers happens to be a carbon filter system built right into your backpack etc... cleaning any smells trying to escape. Another of the layers would be the rubber backed exterior, this makes the backpack almost waterproof keeping your content dry even if your not, allowing you peace of mind if you get caught out.


At The Pure Plug we pride ourselves upon our commitment & loyalty, both to our customers & brand partners. We believe this sets us apart from the alternative Distributors, so If you are interested in us distributing your products please do not hesitate to get in touch.